About Us


We empower returning citizens to transform their lives by educating them in high-tech skills and preparing them for careers in high-tech industries for successful re-entry into society.

What We Do


Coding has become a powerful, distinguishing skill in the 21st Century job market. Those who possess the ability to read and write code enjoy the opportunities to participate in the new economy as producers of digital products and services.

However, resources to acquire coding skills are far from broadly accessible across all communities. Many incarcerated individuals are locked out, literally and figuratively, from educational resources to acquire coding skills. Their families and communities, in many cases, do not have the knowledge to properly utilize affordable educational resources. If educational opportunities in coding is not broadly accessible to more communities, including the incarcerated, then coding has the potential of becoming a polarizing force in income and wealth inequality.

In light of this background, we place ourselves at the intersection of education, technology and criminal justice in order to open up access to communities that have historically been marginalized in these contexts. While we do not advocate that everyone MUST code and pursue careers in the technology domain, we certainly believe everyone should have the opportunity to do so.


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